- Tibet
- Every Little Cell
- Im a Sannyasin

Simplicity is not only a title of the CD, but also it concept. It was recorded in Prague in 2007. Lyrics are in English and German. Most song are simple, vocals and guitar, preserving my natural groove. The CD contains the song Tibet, supporting Dalai Lama and Tibet, to which you can listen in the following sample.

- Uncontrollable Animal
- Rainbow Avenue
- Čajovna

Welcome to Rainbow Avenue
It was recordet 2005 in my hometown Prague / Czech Republic
Walking down the avenue became a challanging creative adventure, witch I love to share with you. The music stratches from funky to reggae to ballads and worldmusic. The lyrics are mainly in english but german, spanish, portugese and sczech are also sung. On the way I were getting lots of help for witch I am very gratefull. In the making of the album 13 of Pragues finest musicians and five back up singers joined in.

- Free Yourself
- Shooting Star
- Peace Inside

Songs from the Sky is a compilation of Songs recorded mainly in the Czech Republik featering many artists. Most prominent the Vocalists and Multimediaartist Alice Rose and American poet and vocalist Lucien Zell. Its a very colourfull Album in many styles.The lyrics are positiv and the messages uplifting. Its been competed in the year 2002 and since then very popular...

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piece(s) of album Simplicity
piece(s) of album Rainbow Avenue
piece(s) of album Songs From The Sky
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